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  • Military objects and military equipment from 1800 - 1945
  • Medals and honour badges, uniforms, uniform parts, swords, daggers, edged weapons, photos, reservistika
  • Bronze statues
  • Sculptures and figurines
  • We buy figurines made of wood or marble, antique busts and old garden figurines.
  • Art Nouveau metal work - WMF, Orivit and many more
  • Purchase of small antiques and furniture

Purchase of military objects and military equipment!

We are looking for the Iron Cross (Eiserne Kreuz) in the editions 1813, 1870, 1914 and 1939-1945 - 1st  Class and 2nd Class, the Knight's Cross (Ritterkreuz) with certificate of bestowal and proof with or without oak leaves. We purchase medals and honour badges, uniforms and uniform parts of all nationalities. We are particularly interested in Navy uniforms and medals. We are looking for badges of submarine captains, submarine war medals, submarine front clasps, destroyer war medals, fleet war medals, mine sweeper war medals and many more for cash purchase.

Purchase of reservistika, photos and mementoes!
Do you have a reservist jar, a reservist pipe (porcelain-head pipes) with our without pipe stand or other reservist items for sale? We would love to be able to inspect your treasures and antiques. Further interesting military objects include: war photos, passports (military pass), documents, award certificates and military artistic objects such as porcelain from the manufacturer Allach / Munich and honour plates made of massive silver. We are looking for sculptures by Ottmar Obermaier, Professor Ernst Seger, Theodor Kärner and many more.

Are you selling a bronze figure by an Italian or French master?
We will purchase your old art - your signed antique bronze figure from France, Belgium or Italy peaks our curiosity. Our antique purchasing division comes from Moers near Duisburg and we will come to your home to make you an offer. At this occasion you are welcome to offer us further antiques from your collection.

We purchase your old wooden figurines, sculptures, garden figurines or marble busts from all eras.
An old wood figurine made from soft wood, an antique Madonna or a grotesque Moorish dancer are objects of purchase. We purchase your old carved figure, your wooden cherub or antique bust made of marble.

The purchase of WMF metal and glass is very close to our heart.
On the look-out for WMF Art Nouveau metal work, we travel through surrounding cities such as Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Bochum. We purchase glass art by the WMF glass factory in Geislingen from 1920 - 1950. We purchase WMF Ikora, Unika und WMF Myra in all production forms such as vases, bowls or lamp stands. Ideally, your WMF lamp still has the original lamp shade, metal mounting and Bakelite serial switch.

Present us with your miniature, lacquer box, old fountain pen or your cabinet decoration!
We are always looking for high quality antiques from household clearances. Many unsuspecting pieces may turn out to be antiques. What do you have to offer? We purchase your antique Russian lacquer box or your old Montblanc fountain pen and other small antiques. Providing you with an offer is discrete and fair. Purchase is made in cash.