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  • massive silver in all variations (800,835,925)
  • Silver cutlery (Robbe & Berking, Georg Jensen, Christofle, WMF, Wilkens, BMF)
  • Silver jugs and trays
  • Russian silver
  • old silver of 12-13-14 standard

We are interested in antique silver of bygone days. This could be a silver bowl, a silver jug, a silver coffee set and silver cutlery. This includes the above mentioned manufacturers. The purchase of reactively simple silver occurs at the maximum daily rate. Naturally, special silver ware is not just evaluated according to their silver price, but also according to the object d'art itself. Of course, you may also offer to us your silver jewellery, filigree work made of silver and silver from various eras (Art Deco, Art Nouveau). We are particularly interested in international silver works such as English and Russian silver.

We purchase your silver cutlery, your silver coffee set and your antique silver!
Not all that glitters is gold is an old saying. This also applies for silver and silver ware; real silver is usually stamped and provides information regarding the standard of the silver. The silver hallmark furthermore allows the determination of origin (country), the manufacturer (master's mark) and possibly even the age. For example, real silver has the hallmarks 800, 835 and 925. There are variations such as 900 silver or the so-called still older Lot silver in between. However, silver plating is often denominated with 90 or 100. Just ask us or send us a photo of the silver mark to an  

Would you like to sell a glass decanter with real silver fittings, a snake-skin goblet or an antique sugar shaker made of massive silver?
The antique purchasing division in Moers will make you an offer and evaluates your treasures.

Russian silver - silver enamel - enamelled silver egg - silver spoon - Cloisonné work Russian silver!

Russian silver is famous for its extraordinary quality. Please offer us anything from the country of origin Russia. In case of Russian silver, please observe the following possible hallmarks: 56, 72, 84, 88, 92 and 96 Zolotniki. Added to that are the year and possible a master's mark.

Do you have an English teapot, a silver tray made of Sterling Silver or a candelabra to "turn into cash"?
Old English silver is a science in itself. The hallmark of Sterling Silver is not always unequivocal. We are interested in purchasing English silver. We also purchase your silver figurines, your figurative silver candelabra and your cigarette case made of Sterling Silver.

We are interested in purchasing German silver prior to 1888 / 1886!
Antique silver, silver cutlery and interior fittings prior to 1886 of German origin are coveted and valuable antiques. Antique silver with the hallmarks of the cities Augsburg, Bamberg or Berlin are very lucrative. We furthermore purchase antique silver from Hamburg, Hanau and Bremen. Send us a photo of the antiques to . Please offer your silver to us.

Do you have silver or silver cutlery from the Art Nouveau or Art Deco era for sale?
We gladly purchase silver, silver cutlery or a silver bowl by WMF or Wilkens. Popular decor such as Kreuzband (cross-ribbon), lily of the valley, lily decor, ivory vines or fan pattern are coveted silverware. It doesn't matter if you are selling silver cutlery for 6 or 16 persons. We also purchase silver coated cutlery. The silver may originate from the dissolution of a household or an estate.

Do you have any questions regarding the origin of the master's mark or the standard of your silver?
It is not always easy to determine silver. If possible, just send us a photo of the hallmark. We will make enquiries and contact you as soon as we have any news about your silver.

We purchase your silver coins and silver ingots!
The antique purchasing division Moers purchases your silver coins, silver ounces, silver ingots and broken silver. We hereby base our offer on the current silver price. Please offer us only your massive silver (from 800 silver). We are not able to accept silver plating of 90 and 100 for broken silver. This results in the percentage component of your silver as follows: e.g. 800 silver has an 80% silver component, 925 has a 92,5% component of silver. Are you not sure about the standard of your silver? Just call us - we may be able to decode the hallmark of your silver content. The antiques purchasing division in Moers is looking forward to your call or email.