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We purchase your jewellery! Purchase of art and antiques!

Hello and welcome to our homepage. We are interested in purchasing art and antiques, estate items and collections.
Which items will we purchase?
We are happy to acquire valuable estate items and collections. We estimate and evaluate your antiques on site and provide you with a non-binding offer. We are particularly interested in small antiques, interior items, silver, porcelain, jewellery and the purchase of paintings. It is not necessary that the items offered by you are always antiques. Contemporary art, modern art as well as high quality household items will also qualify for our antique acquisition.
Do you require an opinion regarding your antiques, your Meissen porcelain or a bronze statue?
We are located near Duisburg / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany and are always available for consultation. We are happy to coordinate an appointment with you. You are welcome to initially send photos of your porcelain, painting or household items.
We would love to meet you!

Are you contemplating on offering us your treasure? We purchase figurative porcelain or your beautiful silver ware. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Where are we interested in?

Purchase of antiques
Purchase of porcelain
Purchase of paintings
Purchase of silver
Purchase of jewellery
Purchase of glassand glass wares
Purchase of toys and dolls
Purchase of other antiques
Purchase of furniture
Purchase of Meissen porcelain
Purchase of porcelain figurines
Purchase of Herend porcelain
Purchase of KPM Berlin porcelain






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